4 x 4 HDMI extension matrix


4 x 4 HDMI extension matrix


Connects 4 4K @ 30Hz UHD HDMI sources to output them independently or simultaneously to 4 HDMI outputs. All HDMI inputs can be freely assigned to any HDMI output. EDID function to manually select the optimal resolution for all TVs. Digital audio extractor from HDMI output and converter to analog audio, 3 HDBaseT outputs via Cat 5e / 6 cable and 3 receivers with PoC power that allow the HDMI signal to be carried to 3 TVs at a distance of up to 40 m for a UHD 4K resolution @ 30Hz and 70 m for FULL HD 1080p, reducing cost and facilitating cable passage through tubes and walls. Control through the buttons on the front panel or remotely by remote control, through RS-232 port or by web browser. Optional remote control extenders (IR-7R: IR receiver, IR-7T: IR transmitter) that allow remote control of the video source from the TV position. APPLICATIONS For matrix installations with several HDMI sources and up to 4 TVs: bars, restaurants, sports centers, exhibitions, shop windows, conference rooms, etc. TECHNICAL DATA Resolution UHD 4K @ 30Hz and lower HDMI 1.4 HDCP 2.2 Compatible with HDR Bandwidth 10? 2 Gbps
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4 x 4 HDMI matrix with 3 Cat 5e / 6 extension outputs and 1 HDMI output. UHD 4K @ 30Hz and lower resolution. Bandwidth 10"2 Gbps. Composed of 1 matrix and 3 receivers for Cat 5e / 6 with HDBaseT technology. Transmission distance of up to 40m for 4K @ 30Hz resolution and 70m for FULL HD 1080p. Digital audio extractor from HDMI output and converter to analog audio. EDID function, manually select the optimal resolution for all TVs. Remote control extender. PoC power supply of the receivers through the 5e / 6 cable. Communication protocol through RS-232 port, IR and web browser for remote control. Remote control.






1 ms


4 HDMI female


3 RJ-45 HDMI extension via Cat 5e / 6 cable 1 female HDMI 1 SPDIF audio, optical 1 stereo audio, 2 x RCA


Input selection buttons for each output 1 RS-232, D9 1 TCP / IP, RJ-45


Input: 1 RJ-45 ethernet HDMI extension by Cat 5e / 6 cable Output: 1 female HDMI


24 V DC, 2"7 A with adapter included Receivers: PoC


Matrix: 360 x 28 x 150 mm depth
Receiver: 61 x 24 x 125 mm depth


Matrix: 1 kg Receiver: 3 x 0.2 kg


Remote control and remote control receiver RS-232 cable, 1"35 m


IR-7R: IR receiver IR-7T: IR transmitter


It is recommended to use Cat 5e / 6 cables of good quality and with FTP / SFTP shielding.The cables must have shielded connectors with the shielding of the cable connected to the shield of the connector, in this way the reliability of the HDMI extenders is improved, avoiding ground loops produced by interconnecting devices (player / receiver and TV) with different mass reference that can cause loss or cut in the image

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