100 V line attenuator


100 V line attenuator with 3- or 4-wire priority with relay for recessed or surface mounting. Features: FONESTAR's own minimalist design, taking into account the market's demand for a device that will go unnoticed in any kind of installation, be it household or professional in nature. Ergonomically designed 6-position potentiometer with off switch, allowing for easy handling. Offers 2-wire input, and 3- and 4-wire for systems with priority. Perfect for issuing priority messages throughout large-scale installations. Its standard measurements allow it to be installed in universal square or round boxes of cardboard and plaster partitions (Pladur). Also able to be installed on surface together with the DOT-BOX surface installation boxes, available in black or white. This whole range is available in white; however, for installations requiring black attenuators, the black panel mod. DOT-01N can be purchased separately, and is easily interchangeable with the white one. Applications: PA and voice evacuation systems, large and small commercial establishments, shopping centres, hotels, cafeterias, game rooms, home use, etc. Technical data: High Z 100 V line 2-wire input and 3- and 4-wire priority systems. 6-position dimmer potentiometer with off switch Power: 60 W Colour: White
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100 V line attenuator with autotransformer for recessed or surface mounting
2-wire input and 3- and 4-wire priority systems.


60 W maximum


High Z 100 V line


High Z 100 V line


Total: 83 x 83 x 50 mm depth
Insert: 50 x 50 x 37.8 mm depth


6 attenuation positions and off switch


0.2 kg

For standard universal square box, round for plasterboard partitions and for surface installation box mod. DOT-BOX.
Distance between screws: 60 mm
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