Supply conditions for import suppliers


The present «General Supply Terms and Conditions» are applicable to all purchase operations from any import/foreign trade supplier, except in the case of prior written agreement between the latter and FONESTAR.

The mere supply of any product or provision of any service implies knowledge and acceptance by the supplier of these «General Supply Terms and Conditions».  


The purchase conditions between the supplier and FONESTAR must be reflected in the corresponding proforma in each of the orders placed. Any variation with respect to the purchase conditions specified therein must be confirmed with FONESTAR prior to the supply of the product(s) or provision of the service(s), generating a new document in which the modifications are included.

The default Incoterm for the supply relationship with FONESTAR shall be FOB by default and shall be reflected in the corresponding proforma. Any other type of condition other than the above must be agreed in advance with FONESTAR.

The supplier undertakes to use the freight forwarders or shipping companies that FONESTAR designates for the shipment of its products and to respect the delivery time previously agreed, which must also appear on the proforma. Any unforeseen event with respect to the delivery time must be communicated as soon as possible, establishing by the supplier all the corrective measures for its prompt resolution and compensation if necessary.

The general payment conditions shall be those previously agreed with each supplier, being those appearing in the proforma of each of the orders placed.


The supplier is obliged to guarantee the products supplied against all faults or defects (design, construction, quality, assembly, etc. …) during the legally applicable period, and shall do so in the absence of applicable legislation for a period of 1 year from the date of receipt by FONESTAR.

The discovery of any vice or defect will imply its immediate resolution by the supplier at no additional cost to FONESTAR, reserving the right to claim any damages that may be caused to FONESTAR or its customers.


Any documentation supplied by FONESTAR to its suppliers for the offer of its products or services, as well as for their supply or provision, shall be considered confidential and may not be reproduced by any means or transmitted to third parties without FONESTAR prior and express consent. Without FONESTAR’s written authorisation, the supplier is not authorised to invoke our client status.


The supplier guarantees that the goods supplied are fully owned by him, suitable for the purpose for which they are intended and of first quality and first use, as well as that they meet the safety, quality and environmental requirements specified in the order and in the applicable legal and regulatory standards, in accordance with the nature of the goods, works and/or services supplied.

The supplier shall carry out its own inspections prior to the delivery of the goods to ensure that all requirements are met, and shall communicate any nonconformity to FONESTAR, who shall authorise its resolution. With the aim of speeding up the management for the fulfilment of the delivery deadline, the supplier must have an internal system of action for the effective follow-up of its suppliers of materials, components and services that affect the goods that are the object of the order.

FONESTAR reserves the right to carry out inspections of the goods that are the object of the order and to require any necessary tests. For each of the products, the suppliers will be previously informed of the level of quality control required for their validation, as well as the technical and aesthetic detail that will be required for them. From the result of these inspections, the supplier accepts to take the necessary measures to guarantee their conformity by carrying out the appropriate tasks of conditioning, adjustment or manufacture of replacement products that may be required, assuming the costs of the same.

The delivery of any product shall be accompanied by a delivery note which shall include the complete reference to FONESTAR’s order as well as the material certificates and safety data sheets. In the case of appliances or equipment supply, these must be accompanied by the corresponding Use and Maintenance Manual with safety instructions.