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What was set in motion by our founder, Martin Vallejo, as a small workshop where one valve radio per day was produced, has become a great brand with over 100 employees, spanning five continents and 70 years of accumulated experience. With in-house manufacturing in Spain and Asia, Fonestar is divided in 2 separate areas; PROFESSIONAL providing profesional audio and PA equipment, with sound and telecommunications engineers who design installations for public and private buildings, airports, stadiums, racetracks, etc. and PERSONAL AUDIO offering a great range of consumer products.

We have gone from that valve radio to wire and tape recorders, phonograph needles, the cassette, etc. until we reached today’s digital universe.

Our effort to efficiently serve our customers with reliable and competitive products has borne fruit.

The goal: to continue providing the same service for the next 70 years.

In order to so, we rely on our most immeasurable value: our customers. Without you we would not be here today regardless of the amount of effort invested.

For this reason, we would like to thank you for your loyalty and together raise a toast to a future that continues to provide us with successes in our daily work, especially with the FONESTAR product range.

Thank you for trusting Fonestar.

Juan Vallejo


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