Your car didn’t have BLUETOOTH until our TL-3UB

Your car didn’t have BLUETOOTH until our TL-3UB

If you are one of those people who still doesn’t have bluetooth in their car and that means you can’t receive calls, or listen to music from your smartphone while you are driving, Fonestar offers you a fantastic but simple solution with the Bluetooth FM transmitter TL-3UB.

It receive calls and your favourite music to the car radio. It couldn’t be easier, no cables are needed, just select a station to receive it in your car stereo. Not only that, it has 2 double sided USB ports to charge your smartphone and/or tablet.

Bluetooth FM transmitter.
Transmits audio on the chosen frequency, tunable from the car radio.
Bluetooth 3.0 receiver.
Plays music from smartphones, tablets and other bluetooth devices.
Hands-free calling with integrated microphone.
Effective microphone distance between 0.5 and 2 m.
Echo cancellation and noise reduction technology.
USB/MP3 player.
2 charging ports for smartphones and tablets.
Double sided USB connectors that can be plugged in in any direction.
FM or AUX output.
Car battery level indicator.
Information display.
Designed to adapt to any vehicle.

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