The Escolapios Betania School in Gandia has a comprehensive IP system in its installations

The  IP audio receiver model AIP-3010, developed by the R&D department, is at the leading edge of PA and loudspeaker systems. The scope of application of these receivers is very wide, allowing installations of any size to be covered.

IP systems based on audio IP are very versatile, allowing zones to be configured, a multitude of background music channels to be managed, programmed and instant messages to be played in addition to alarms and voice messages. The devices can also be controlled remotely as can external devices via general purpose inputs/outputs.

The AIP-3010 receiver is the perfect solution for large shopping centres, schools, office blocks, etc. that require remote controlling of background music or paging. It is also a solution for modernising existing installations, adding IP control to the installation. Once again Fonestar commits itself to innovation, providing a simple system in terms of configuration and many possibilities in terms of controlling the system, offering audio installers a very versatile solution.