The advances in LED technology over the last few years have reached the field of video projectors. The new LED lamps give levels of power and light that do not replace halogen lamps completely, but reach high enough levels to offer a suitable amount of brightness.

The main advantage of LED lamps in video projectors is their low maintenance and that in practise they last the projector’s lifetime, approximately 20 000 hours. In LED projectors the lamps do not need to be changed as in halogen lamps, which need replacing every so often and the replacements are normally quite expensive.

Furthermore, LED projectors decrease energy consumption considerably. They generate less heat and therefore reduce the amount of noise made by the fans.

LED projectors are a good alternative for use in educational centres, offices and the home. Fonestar has two projectors with LED technology available in its catalogue, the PR-3500 and the PR-1501, with different video resolutions and brightness.


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