Next-generation digital column speakers

FONESTAR has recently upgraded their range of column speakers. If we focus on the digital column speakers, it is worth highlighting that one of their main benefits is that sound can be steered and concentrated in the listening area.
In order to steer the sound beam, the angle of inclination can be adjusted (+/- 45º) and the acoustic center selected.
Sound beam directivity modification is possible due to the column speaker being equipped with a digital signal processor (DSP) and 10 Class D amplifiers that are able to reproduce a different signal in each of the 10 loudspeakers. The audio signal is processed in frequency and time, which means in each loudspeaker a different signal is sent with a delay or a time lag in certain frequency bands so that the required directivity pattern is achieved.

In this latest version, the programming screen has been eliminated, greatly improving the appearance of the new column speakers in comparison with their predecessors.

A very important development that avoids accidental programming.

Next-generation digital column speakers


Next-generation digital column speakers


Next-generation digital column speakers


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