New wireless conference system SCI-750

The new SCI-750 allows the use of a large number of microphones in an installation, up to 256 in total, 5 of which can be active at the same time.

It combines the functions of a conference system with wireless microphones. It has 5 transmission channels, one for the president microphone and four for the delegates. The channels are occupied according to the intervention of the delegate microphones. The maximum number of microphones as well as turn-taking can be configured. As is usually the case in these systems, the president microphione has priority over the rest of the microphones and can cut off the delegates when it is in use. Furthermore, the switchboard communicates with the microphones via a data transmission channel.

The microphones are supplied with a lithium battery and AA batteries can also be used. In order to recharge the lithium battery, the SCI-780C charger is available.

New wireless conference system SCI-750