Fonestar is approaching 2017 with enthusiasm and the goal of renewing itself, as well as continuing to give the same service for which we are renowned, adapting our company to new technologies and market demands.

To do so, we are charging ourselves with positive energy and we are taking another step forward.

Fonestar is growing and evolving and would like to do this together with its clients.

New website, new life!

Our website, blog and catalogue are divided in two: Professional and Electronics.

Our aim is to make it easier to search for interesting news articles, press releases, etc.

In this way, the PRO products are separated from consumer goods.

These are two activities travelling on parallel paths, very close together, but with different destinations.




We would like to celebrate with you our 70 years in the market presenting our first edition of the PROFESSIONAL 2017/18 catalogue.

We have included the widest range of products for the installation and integration of all types of audio system.

As well as our well-known EN 54 evacuation systems, we have added new models of loudspeaker compatible with the EN 54 evacuation standard, new one-room amplification systems with bluetooth and app controlled multi-room systems, digital columns for large premises, especially for those with problems of intelligibility and many more innovations and solutions.


The catalogue is divided into 9 main sections to make it as userfriendly as possible:

  1. PA SYSTEMS: amplifiers, loudspeakers, zone systems, etc.
  2. AUDIO: stereo power amplifiers, loudspeakers, mixers, etc.
  3. MICROPHONES: the widest range of microphones on the market and their accessories.
  4. RACKS: flight cases, trunks, flight cases, wall racks and all accessories and complements.
  5. AUDIOVISUAL SYSTEMS: line and matrix connections, projector screens, etc.
  6. TV, VIDEOWALL AND PROYECTOR MOUNTS: the most comprehensive line for all uses.
  7. COMMUNICATION: Hi-Fi amplifiers, Hi-Fi loudspeakers, headphones, intercoms, etc.
  9. VOICE AND DATA: connectors, telephone communication cables and accessories.


As previously announced we have also launched our new catalogue of products aimed primarily at the non-professional consumer, which we have called ELECTRONICS 2017/18.

We have included a wider range of products for the home user, the audio enthusiast and consumers in general.

Along with our well-known audio, video and the latest HDMI model connections, extensions, wireless transmitters, splitters, etc., we have added new models in fixed and adjustable TV mounts. As well as this, we include bluetooth headphones and in-ear headphones for domestic, sporting and outdoor use and portable bluetooth speakers for all occasions and many more innovations and solutions.

This catalogue is divided into different sections, the main ones being:

  1. VIDEO: digital TV, video sender, satellite, etc.
  2. AUDIO: Hi-Fi amplifiers, turntables, headphones and portable bluetooth speakers, etc.
  3. AUDIO: mixers, portable amplifiers, wireless microphones, etc.
  4. AUDIOVISUALS: HDMI selectors and splitters, projectors and screens, etc.
  5. TV MOUNTS: the most comprehensive line for all uses.
  6. LIGHTING: LED effects, laser, stroboscopes, DMX control console, fog machine, etc.
  7. Cables, connections, connectors, adapters…
  8. Sapphire, diamond and steel needles phono cartridges, etc.

Thank you for helping us to improve, for your loyalty, for making our 70 year presence possible and for sustaining our dream that we will be able to celebrate another 70 years together with our clients and friends.

The Fonestar team