New STS series robust and versatile stands

STS-42244N, STS-42106N and STS-4264N

New family of TV stands.

With a similar structure to those already in our catalogue, but with different feet and made of iron.

The STS-42244N has a an innovative mount for 2 TVs, a new addition to complete our range of stands.
Primarily designed for professional use in conference rooms, presentations, etc.
Also features accessory tray and upper mount for webcam.
Models STS-42106N and STS-4264N are innovations for screens with VESA fittings up to 100×100 or 600×400.


We also present a simpler stand for less demanding installations, compatible with VESA fittings up to 600×400.
Accessory tray included.


The innovative design of this mount means that a TV can be positioned on the wall without having to make holes.
The stand, supported by the wall, firmly holds the TV in place.