New SKYLINE FONESTAR portable active column system with subwoofer

New SKYLINE FONESTAR portable active column system with subwoofer

We added this portable active column system to our catalogue, with an active subwoofer at the lower section and a column with eight speakers at the top. The array design offers ample coverage and good directivity of sound.

The column is divided into three independent satellites, so that the right number of subwoofers can be installed according to the size of the installation. However, the best results are obtained when all three are used.

One of the three satellites does not have speakers, rather it is intended to provide a greater range by positioning the system next to the subwoofer, thus gaining more height.

For all these reasons, SKYLINE is ideal for bars with live music, mobile parties, conferences, rental equipment, etc.

The system has integrated DSP with four predefined modes (Music, Live, Speech, DJ) which provides easy sound adjustments depending on the type of music and the location of installation.

– High power with highly nuanced sound.
– Powerful sound with carefully engineered design.
– Reinforced bass with active subwoofer

It also features a receiver and TWS (true wireless stereo) for a wireless connection of two systems with stereo sound.
Manufactured in wood and with ABS with a textured paint finish, it offers an elegant look and is easy to integrate into any space.


portable active column system with subwoofer

-Portable active column sound system
-Integrated DSP with 4 sound modes: Music, Live, Speech, and DJ.
-Bluetooth 5.0 receiver.
-TWS (true wireless stereo) function using 2 speakers.
-Manufactured in wood and ABS.
-Textured paint finish.
-Metal grille.
-Carrying handles.

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