MPX-460P, a great addition to the MPX-4088 audio matrix

MPX-460P, a great addition to the MPX-4088 audio matrix

The new MPX-460P is a remote control that lets you control volume and zone allocation, with touch screen for the MPX-4088 audio matrix. It is connected to the matrix via a RJ-45 cable, Cat 5e and has an extension link for connection of up to 8 MPX-460P in series.

The MPX-460P offers easy volume control, zone assignment and scene selection from the MPX-4088 matrix, thanks to its simple and intuitive interface and capacitive LCD touch screen.

The MPX-4088 audio matrix comes with 8 analog input channels to 8 output zones and 4 configurable digital channels.

Music source selection, volume control and equalization of each zone via PC software or optional zone control knobs mod. MPX-420V.

Priority paging using microphone with zone selector mod. MPX-400MIC.

DSP function in inputs, outputs, priority control and feedback suppressor.

System of great versatility indicated for installations of any size, it allows for the selection of the music in each zone.

Ideal for commercial facilities, hotels with conference rooms, etc.


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