MPA-124U, PA amplifier with USB/SD/MP3 player and priority paging for attenuators

This amplifier has several advanced functions:

  •     Priority in microphones through signal level, individually selectable.
  •     Chime and alarm generator through contact closure.
  •     Selector on the front panel of the player or 3 aux inputs.
  •     It has an RJ45 input to connect a remote microphone with pushbutton. Chimes   can be generated with this microphone which has maximum priority.

24 V output to activate priority in attenuators with 24 V relay. The relay priority is activated when an alarm or chimes are activated or when an announcement is made through a remote microphone.

All in all, it is an amplifier with a wide range of functions offering flexibility with a robust and reliable circuit.

The MPA-124U is recommended for schools, offices… this amplifier could be complemented with, for example, some GAT-4507 ceiling loudspeakers and AT-160R attenuators.