MINIMUSIC the new Micro Hi-Fi system by FONESTAR


Everything you need in a compact design.

Enjoy your music on CD, MP3 audio files and playback from USB devices.Relax and listen to the radio or wirelessly access the music stored in another device with Bluetooth connectivity.

Wireless transfer via Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a wireless technology used to interconnect devices and transfer information. This technology makes it very easy to wirelessly connect Bluetooth devices such as smartphones, tablets, Smart TV or even computers.
As a result, you can easily play your favourite music, or the audio from videos or Smart TVs or computer games wirelessly.


Front USB for your MP3

Thanks to its design with frontal USB port, you can easily enjoy the comfort of accessing more digital music via the integrated USB.

Digital tuner with presets

Simply tune the station you want and memorize the frequency.
You can store up to 30 radio station presets and then you’ll be able to tune in to your favourites without having to search manually.


Clock, alarms, timers and sleep function.