Marisquería Balamo luxury seafood restaurant in Madrid

FONESTAR has been commissioned to design the professional sound installation for the exclusive Marisquería Bálamo restaurant located in Alcorcón, Madrid. The state-of-the-art audio equipment supplied offers high quality cutting-edge sound tailored specifically to the premises.

This 4,200 m2 space, surrounded by the largest interior vertical garden in Europe, called for the best possible sound technology in order to achieve optimum sound. FONESTAR was able to offer a wide range of equipment to this end:

MPX- 4088, audio matrix with 8 analogue input channels to 8 output zones and 4 configurable digital channels. As the central control unit, it is the real brain of the entire audio system.

GAT-4620 and GAT-4860SW, two-way, frameless, recessed, high quality and powerful ceiling loudspeakers.

Marisquería Balamo luxury seafood restaurant in Madrid

Independent audio system for designated rooms and the playground. The discotheque has been equipped with a powerful live sound system suitable for both private use and for parties or musical performances.

La Marisquería Bálamo is a luxury restaurant that offers various spaces in which you can dine, have a snack, have a drink or let the children have some fun in the play area. Its impressive interior vertical garden is a must-see. Thanks to the new sound system designed and personalized by FONESTAR, clients can enjoy a pleasant stay in an environment where the best sound and careful décor coexist in harmony.

Marisquería Balamo luxury seafood restaurant in Madrid