FONESTAR TWS bluetooth Portable Speaker

FONESTAR TWS bluetooth Portable Speaker


This 16 W speaker allows you to play music from any bluetooth device (smartphones, tablets and other devices), it plays USB/MicroSD/MP3 and FM radio, and allows you to connect it via cable with its 3.5 mm jack.

Use True Wireless Stereo technology to sync two speakers and double the power.

Double the power, double the sensation.

With True Wireless Stereo technology you can sync two OVAL speakers for an even more all-round experience. Configure both speakers for high quality stereo sound.


TWS bluetooth speaker.
Bluetooth 4.2 and NFC.
Plays music from smartphones, tablets and other bluetooth devices.
USB/MicroSD/MP3 player and FM radio.
TWS function (true wireless stereo) using 2 speakers.
High quality sound.
Playback control and hands-free calling.
Rechargeable Li-ion battery. Up to 8 hours battery life.
3.5 mm jack input for use with cable.
Portable design and stylish finish.
Transmission distance 10 m.

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