FONESTAR solutions – Presentation

FONESTAR solutions – Presentation

FONESTAR is involved in projects all over the world, proposing solutions that demonstrate both reliability and performance.

More than seven decades of experience designing and developing new products with distinctive features that allow our company to position itself at the forefront of PA solutions. We apply the latest sound system technology and offer innovative, flexible and quality solutions to create systems that are in keeping with the latest technology.

DANTE, SIP service for sending messages and alerts by phone, or IP equipment for the deployment of decentralized installations.

Our mission is to advise our clients and work together with them to design public address and sound systems. We have a team of engineers who specialize in recommending the very best solution to meet your specific needs. We offer advice in every phase of the project, from design to post-sale service.


Over the next few weeks we will be demonstrating some of the sectors in which FONESTAR products are the right choice.

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