FONESTAR’ s latest products were a huge hit at ISE 2020


This year again, Fonestar has strengthened its position in the international market at the ISE 2020 (Integrated Systems Europe), where we have once again proven ourselves to be a leader in the market.

Our international projection in recent years has resulted in Fonestar taking on a growing number of international projects, increasing not only in quantity but also in complexity year after year.

Our commitment to R+D+I continues to be one of the key reasons behind Fonestar ‘s success on an international level. The constant development of new products by our technological research department gives us a solid edge in the market.

The most notable products in this edition of the ISE 2020 are our renowned AIP and ZSM lines, and of course our new ASSIST patient call system, a new range of products designed to address the growing demand for communication systems in hospitals and nursing homes, for which a great deal of interest has been expressed.