Proyector PR-3000

FONESTAR professional multimedia system!

FONESTAR professional multimedia system!

FONESTAR professional multimedia system!

The combination of our PR-3000 projector, the motorized PPEL-16120-E screen and a great sound system, will convert any room into a multimedia environment with unbeatable sound and image quality.

DLP video projector.

DLP technology offering greater sharpness and image contrast, improving text defintion on projection edges.

Lightweight and silent. Less maintenance, no dust filter required.
High quality lens with optical zoom and focus for fine image adjustment.
Boasting one HDMI input and two VGA inputs while other projectors on the market offer only one VGA input.

Offering 3,000 real ANSI lumens, it provides a brightness that allows the image to be seen in a well-lit room.


A new projector screen with added flush ceiling mount feature.

Front panel allowing the projector to be positioned at the same level as the false ceiling.

Screen completely concealed when rolled up.

High quality material reinforced with fiberglass.

Wall, remote and RS-232 control options.

BAS-215 – CUBE-62


The duo formed by the BAS-215 Hi-Fi stereo amplifier with karaoke function, bluetooth and USB/SD/MP3/FM player with its innovative visual design and CUBE-62, a pair of low impedance loudspeakers with great sound quality in a reduced size, is the perfect combination to complete any multimedia installation such as the one we suggest with our PR-3000 projector and the PPEL-16120-E automatic screen.

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