FONESTAR main sponsor of the “A Toy for Every Child” campaign

Fonestar has become this year’s main sponsor of A Toy for Every Child. The campaign, now in its ninth edition, is dedicated to delivering toys to families in-need. In the previous editions, almost thirty thousand toys were distributed, thousands of which were sent to Syria; Twenty-five volunteers are responsible for repairing and wrapping the gifts, ensuring that they are delivered in like-new condition.

Among the sponsors of this initiative are Silvia Fominaya, Iago Aspas, Moncho Borrajo, and Sergio Pazos; as many as seventy public figures are interested in backing the project.

The Seur Foundation collaborates with other NGO’s by shipping the remaining toys to them; news of this campaign has spread via various media sources such as La Voz de Galicia, Faro de Vigo, Cope, local television, TVG, and so on.

This Christmas, the Fonestar team is bringing a smile to the faces of thousands of children.


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