Fonestar made a presentation defining the possibilities of its EN-54 in Smart Hospitals, held by Domotys

Domotys held a technical workshop on smart systems for hospitals on April 4th.

Smart Hospitals took place in the  headquarters of the Catalan Institute of Health in Barcelona.

The objective of this workshop is to bring new technologies closer to the healthcare sector, specifically to hospitals and care centers and demonstrate first hand what can be achieved in a hospital with the implementation of Smart solutions.

  • Greater comfort and well-being for patients and visitors as well as the healthcare personnel.
  • Guarantee the safety of individuals as well as the facilities.
  • Ensure the administration, analysis, and efficient control of the consumption of supplies.
  • Efficiently manage the installation’s operations and maintenance, as well as their associated costs..

Fonestar took part in the presentation by demonstrating and explaining the adaptation of the EN-54 evacuation systems guided by our colleagues from the Projects Dept.





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