FONESTAR launches the new VINYL-22AMP

We’re no just talking about a vinyl and turntable revival; it’s clear that every day these elements are more present in our lives.
Inevitably, at FONESTAR, proud of our history as turntable manufacturers and bonded for life to our FOX needles, we couldn’t resist it.


This is why we bring you the new turntable from the Vinyl series, where we combine turntable nostalgia and the latest technology.

We are living at a time in which vinyl lovers are no longer a select few, in which record producers are publishing vinyl again, and most importantly at a time in which FONESTAR is committing itself to revitalizing quality devices, making it possible to enjoy the essence of vinyl, but of course, without compromising on digital sound technological advances.

The revival of a classic, a technological evolution.


The new model VINYL-22AMP is a turntable with integrated speakers allowing you to enjoy music without the need for large loudspeakers.
Bluetooth connectivity is included to play your digital music from smartphones, tablets and other bluetooth devices.
We have also added a USB port so that you can play your MP and most importantly, be able to convert your vinyl to digital format.