FONESTAR is launching a new model window intercom system GM-22P

FONESTAR is launching a new model of window intercom system, GM-22P, an improved version of the classic GM-20P.

The new GM-22P facilitates communication through windows or partitions in ticket offices, banks, offices, control posts, private access points, garages, etc. This easy-to-use intercom delivers crisp and clear vocal sound.


Window intercom microphone.
Quality sound with anti-feedback processor.
Duplex two-way sound with communication control.
Independent volume and mute button for window and interior intercom.
Easy to use.

Automatic communication control, internal intercom priority
Anti-feedback processor
LED power indicators on desktop intercom
Power 2 x 5 W
Optimum distance for speaking into window intercom microphone 20 cm
The window intercom can be hung or stuck on the glass with the provided double-sided adhesive pads.

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