FONESTAR FLAT – the perfect micro Hi-Fi system for any room

FONESTAR FLAT la microcadena Hi-Fi para cualquier espacio.

FONESTAR FLAT – the perfect micro Hi-Fi system for any room

The micro Hi-Fi FLAT by FONESTAR is a perfect option for playing music in your home or work place. It plays music via Bluetooth, technology that allows easy wireless connection to Bluetooth devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops. Listening to your favourite music and enjoying great sound from videos or games is simple and wireless through this speaker.

Thanks to its versatile range of playback options including CD, MP3 and USB, hundreds of audio files can be played directly from the FLAT. Not forgetting its audio input for music playback from portable players.

Micro Hi-Fi system.
Bluetooth receiver.
Plays music from smartphones, tablets and other Bluetooth devices.
CD/USB/MP3 player.
FM radio with 30 presets.

Aux input.
Headphone output.
Transmission distance 10 m.
All audio sources in a compact design.
Remote control.
Reinforced bass, clear and intense sound.


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