FONESTAR equips Holic Castle Slovakia with conference system

FONESTAR equips Holic Castle Slovakia with conference system

The historic stronghold built at the end of the XII century between the current Slovakia Czech Republic border, is a classicist Baroque construction with a medieval fortress that witnessed countless battles.
In 1918 it became property of the state and was used as a school.
Declared a national heritage monument in 1970, as an example of European architecture at the end of the Middle Ages, Holic Castle has undergone many refurbishments.
In 1991, the city of Holic purchased this cultural monument from the state.

FONESTAR equips Holic Castle Slovakia with conference system

The latest of these refurbishments is currently being undertaken, with a cost of 600,000 euros. The refurbished premises will house a museum and an art gallery.
After a complete refurbishment, a permanent museum exhibition and the city gallery will be located in the old treasury building of the castle. For this reason, Holic would like to make its castle more attractive not only for its residents, but also for visitors.

FONESTAR wireless conference system

It is in these new rooms that a modern wireless conference system has been installed by FONESTAR.

The system consists of several conference switchboard systems with mutiple receivers and microphones, as well as an SD/MP3 programmer/player with amplifier.






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