Fonestar at Electronic Expo in Porto

Fonestar at Electronic Expo in Porto

As every year, we couldn’t miss out on participating in the Electronic Expo in El Corte Inglés in Gaia (Porto) where we were made to feel really welcome by our neighbouring country.

We took advantage of this opportunity to publicize our new audio catalogue in which we present a new, highly versatile line of products. A range highlighted by the wireless connectivity of our bluetooth products, in addition to playback from multiple platforms, whether they be wireless or part of the device itself, such as the USB or MicroSD inputs or playback from mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, via bluetooth.

catalogo de audio

In this trade fair, all the products in the new audio catalogue were very well received, especially our new BLUEVINTAGE with its stylish, retro design combined with modern features creating great expectation and interest.

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