FONESTAR ceiling speakers with IP-65 protection

GAT-553S from Fonestar, the safest bet for the harshest environments.

The GAT-553S is a 5″ ceiling mounted loudspeaker that is able to withstand high temperatures and harsh chemical environments (acid, alkaline, chlorine and other chemicals), offering protection against weather, water and dust as well (IP-65).

Due to its excellent frequency response, this loudspeaker is the perfect solution for providing high-quality music and highly intelligible speech. In addition, thanks to its sleek design and compact size, this loudspeaker can be used in any facility.

All these features make the GAT-553S an ideal choice for humid and high-temperature environments such as saunas, swimming pools, terraces, clean rooms, food processing rooms, laboratories, operating theatres, and similar spaces.


Altavoces de techo FONESTAR con protección IP-65

– External ceiling loudspeaker with 100 V line transformer.
– Resistant to high temperatures.
– Resistant to harsh chemical environments.
– Suitable for installation in humid and high temperature environments such as saunas, swimming pools, balconies, clean rooms, food processing facilities, laboratories, operating rooms and the like.

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