BAR-4P30L MULTI-PAR RGB LED COB lighting system


The BAR-4P30L by FONESTAR is a compact and lightweight lighting system for small shows, changing the atmosphere of a space and professional applications.

Composed of four 12 W long-lasting and highly efficient spotlights with the latest LED COB (chip-on-board) technology that offer a full spectrum of colours and high intensity. All this makes the BAR-4P30L a perfect complement for nightclubs, small theatres, pubs and discos.

BAR-4P30L can be operated using the remote control included, the control buttons on the rear panel or via a DMX console. You can choose among the different operating modes: automatic, static, sound activation or master/slave mode.
The system bar is provided with a 35 mm hole for mounting on a stand.


Compact MULTI-PAR RGB COB LED system.
Automatic mode, static mode, sound activation and master/slave mode.
Colour, dimmer, strobe adjustment and speed adjustable via DMX control console.
Remote control.
Hole for 35 mm tube.
Microphone incorporated.