Back to School – Interactive Classrooms

In the following section we will illustrate two examples of interactive classrooms with audiovisual resources which offer two different approaches: floor projection and ceiling projection.

In the first example we present three basic products: a stand with wheels to place the projector in the optimal location, a projector, and a projection screen with a tripod.


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Portable and lightweight. Easy to transport.
Can be adjusted according to external lighting or the projector.
Use in different spaces as needed.


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The best portable companion for screens and projectors.
Adjustable height and positioning.
Use in different spaces as needed.


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Affordable solution for projecting in small classrooms.
Performance tested in countless installations.
Easy to install equipment.

In this case we will see the standard of a permanent audiovisual classroom, with definitively installed devices.
These products should be installed in the best possible way in order to maximize the space available.


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Electric projection screens.
Activation by means of push-buttons or RF remote control.
Adjustable run for different screen sizes.
Adaptable to wall or ceiling.
Ideal for classrooms, conference rooms, etc..


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The best stationary accessory for screens and projectors.
Always perfectly oriented and focused on the fixed screen.
Because it is permanently fixed, it is always accessible, freeing up space compared to floor projectors.


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Projector protection (from possible damage via impact or vandalism).
Guaranteed safe handling of the projector in multipurpose rooms.