39000 meters of sound FONESTAR in the business center “Atrium” in Belarus

39000 meters of sound FONESTAR in the business center “Atrium” in Belarus

The international shopping mall and business center ARMADA PLAZA, with 4-star hotel, was built in the center of the city of Mogilev.

The total area of the facility is 39 thousand square meters, of which 28 thousand are a multipurpose complex and 11 thousand of which are a 7-story car park.

The building is the only one in the area, and is composed of an office block, a conference complex, the first 4* hotel in Mogilev, the only professional cinema with 5 theatres, a children’s amusement center, casinos, the largest fitness and spa complexes in the city and the largest number of cafes and restaurants located within one facility.

The ideal sound system for large areas should ensure uniform sound coverage throughout the entire area of the complex as well as the surrounding areas. Its purpose is to broadcast advertisements, music, and service announcements throughout the facilities.

The Fonestar products have been chosen to provide sound for a significant area of these facilities, and the following loudspeakers selected:





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