Fonestar Sistema ZSM

ZSM System

ZSM devices program messages, events, background music and SIP clients.

The programming and content management is performed with the free ZSM-GO software. It can transfer audio, configure multiple devices remotely whether it is on the same LAN or via internet.

They are the perfect solution for hotels, schools, retail spaces of any size, large supermarket chains, offices and so on, that need to automate event playback, make voice announcements and manage the background music of each of their establishments either collectively or individually.

The ZSM-GO software can configure and monitor the status of all the devices and send live messages.

The ZSM programmers do not need the ZSM-GO software to be operating. They work independently once they have been programmed.



Message programmer, background music player and SIP client.

Plays programmed messages, direct messages and ambient music from internal memory.

Creates multiple background music channels.



Programmer of messages, events, background music and SIP clients with 4 exit zones.

Plays programmed messages, direct messages, alarms and ambient music from internal memory or USB/SD.

Creates multiple background music channels.

Activates alarms by closing contacts.

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Software for control, programming and configuration of ZSM devices.

Control remoto de programadores ZSM.

Remote control of ZSM programmers. Status monitoring, management of background music channels, pre-recorded message programming, alarm configuration, and general purpose inputs/outputs and SIP client configuration.

Group creation.

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