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Hospitality Sound Equipment Installation

Our hospitality PA and sound systems create a welcoming atmosphere and provide your guests with a unique experience that will leave them wanting to come back again and again.

Our outstanding sound systems for the hospitality industry

  • IP System: makes it possible to automate the operation of audio in the establishment in a simple and efficient manner. In addition, it offers the advantage of having several audio channels to differentiate the sound in each area of your business.
  • MPX-4088 matrix: enables the possibility of sending the same or different audio channels to each area of the establishment through Dante without any delay.
  • EN-54: guarantees your customers' safety using a fire detection and alarm system, making evacuation smooth and efficient so as to preserve the integrity of visitors or guests.
  • Indoor, outdoor and portable loudspeakers: for the hotel industry, these systems allow you to distribute music or sound to those areas where it is needed and also to send voice messages to common areas.
  • TV mounts: they boost the functionality of the venue and optimize the distribution of space in order to enhance customer comfort.

Our success stories in the installation of sound equipment for the hospitality industry

The Blue Lagoon Princess Hotel This hotel complex entrusted us with the design of the sound system installation that would create a truly immersive experience for the guests' senses. AIP-3010 ,MA-400RGUZ ,FS-2503E ,MX-848 ,ELIPSE-6T are some of the products installed.

Monasterio Valbuena > /a>, ZSM-1050, FS-2155E and FS-3000RGUB were key products to meet the customer´s expectations.


Art Hotel – Protur Naisa Palma, España

this complex entrusted our company with a public address and sound system capable of recreating basic concepts of the establishment such as well-being, entertainment and relaxation.

MPX-4088, AIP-3010, FS-2503E, PRISMA-55BTW, FS-2915CDR, GAT-662, GAT-663W and MPX-400MIC were key products to meet the customer´s expectations.

Benefits of choosing our company to install sound equipment for the hospitality industry

  • We offer multi-channel technical support and pre-sale technical advice to ensure that you get the product that best suits the needs of your establishment, and that the installation project is carried out correctly.
  • We offer fast and personalized post-sale technical assistance to resolve any concerns you may have regarding installation, equipment connection and incident resolution in your establishment.
  • We prepare estimates and connection schemes for hotels, bars and restaurants for the launch and the operation of your installation.
  • We provide technical training to your facility's sound managers to help them understand the catalog, current regulations and trends in the PA industry.
  • We conduct demonstrations for our customers in which we present the new and exclusive products developed by our R+D+I department.
  • We offer a wide range of products and services. Within our wide range of products you will be sure to find the audio equipment you need for your establishment.

If you want to know more about the installation of sound equipment for the hospitality sector, visit our PA system product catalog.

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