Fonestar Sistema AIP

AIP System

The AIP system is a distributed audio system based on HYDRA protocol and composed of very versatile streaming TCP/IP transmitters and receivers that work on any LAN or VLAN.

The current AIP family is composed of the AIP-4010 transmitter, the AIP-3010 receiver and our AIP-GO system management software. Any transmitter and one receiver are enough to have a working system. As many transmitters and receivers as needed can be used. No server/router needed. PC program included free of charge.

Hydra Protocol

HYDRA is a communication and audio streaming protocol over TCP-IP networks. HYDRA provides all devices with the capacity to know and interact with the rest of the devices resulting in a totally distributed system. It is not necessary to use a server as a router which makes the system more reliable and economical.

HYDRA protocol is based on multicast connections which do not affect the rest of the usual devices on a TCP/IP network. Its auto-discovery service makes it a fully scalable plug&play system and simplifies commissioning of the installation.



IP audio receiver with line output.

Allows audio to be received by IP via the local LAN network. Plays background music, programmed and instant messages, alarms and voice alerts.

Configurable general volumes, by channel type and by action.

Memorizes the last selected background music channel and retrieves it as soon as it is available.

Configurable latency.

4 programmable inputs to activate events by closing or opening contacts and 4 output relays to control external devices. Upgradeable remotely or via USB.



IP audio transmitter with line input.

Transmits audio streaming over IP via LAN (local area network). Transmits a channel that can be used as background music and as an audio source for events.

Ideal for integration with other systems.

Internal volume control.

Configurable latency.

4 programmable inputs to activate events by opening or closing contacts and 4 output relays to control external devices. Upgradeable remotely or via USB.



Microphone for IP audio system.

Capacitive touch keyboard with 12 configurable buttons. 2 integrated microphones.

Warning announcements from the microphone, pre-recorded message playback, etc.

Occupied zones alert.

PC configuration

Audio stream transmission via local area network (LAN).

Upgradeable remotely or via USB.



IP sound pressure sensor.

Informs the rest of the system of the ambient noise level in one specific location. With this information the volume levels in the AIP receivers are automated.

Upgradeable remotely or via USB.

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PC software which allows the creation of different audio channels over IP and the monitoring and configuration of the AIP system devices.

Facilitates the creation and management of unlimited background music channels.

Allows configuration of scheduled and real-time messages.

Configuration of audio events and/or output relays activated by the programmable inputs of the different AIP system devices.

Paging with PC microphone.

Facilitates the organization and management of the AIP system devices through groups. Includes image mapping function.

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